RUSH: Reflections Under the Scottish Highlands

The structure and evolution of the continental mantle lithosphere constitute a fundamental frontier of continental tectonics. Developments in the field of seismology over the last decade in recording technology, data volume, and analysis techniques have led to a potentially powerful capability to integrate active- and passive-source seismology to image upper mantle structure across a spectrum of observational scales. Northern Scotland offers the opportunity to explore this integrated seismological approach due to the variety of observations suggesting fine-scale upper mantle layering. Toward this end, we tapped the BIRPS database of upper mantle reflections identified on near-vertical deep seismic reflection profiles and we deployed 24-broadband PASSCAL seismographs during the summer of 2001 (Asencio et. al., 2001, 2003) across the Scottish Highlands. Work at USC is currently focusing on receiver function and SKS shear wave splitting analyses of RUSH data.


This project was funded by grant EAR-0074002 from the Geophysics Program, Earth Sciences Division of NSF.