Thomas J. Owens

As the "Leader of the Pack" for this research program, I'm fortunate to have assembled a talented cadre of seismologists, programmers, and educators who make our projects successful. My primary interests include: The collection and analysis of seismological data in order to better understand the structure and evolution of the continental lithosphere; K-12 Science Education, in particular the use of seismological data, especially real-time data, to help get students interested in science; in addition, I am an vocal advocate for the modernization of seismological software.

The publication list below is partial.

Funding History

Most of my funding is from the National Science Foundation. I have been the Principal Investigator or Co-Principal Investigator on 29 federally-funded grants, 1 state-funded grant and 2 privately-funded grants since 1985. Total awarded funding exceeds $5 million.

Contact Information

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