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My research interests lie in solid-earth geophysics, specifically in passive-source seismic imaging of the continental lithosphere.

During my Ph.D. work at the Universitat de Barcelona, I developed a joint inversion of receiver functions and surface-wave dispersion velocities that yields robust estimates of local S-wave velocity variation with depth. I have applied this technique to the Arabian Shield and the Tanzania Craton, and I have obtained interesting results about anomalously thin lithosphere near the Read Sea and uniform composition of the lower crust through Precambrian terranes of varying age in East Africa.

My current research at the University of South Carolina includes a teleseismic investigation of the Indian subcontinent, the seismic imaging of the deep structure beneath the Sierra Nevada batholit with cross-correlated ambient seismic noise and S-wave receiver functions, and the development of a new receiver function technique to constrain density contrasts at seismic discontinuities.

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