Jake Hobart

I am a native of Possum Hollow Farms, born into a long and honorable line of working dogs. With some reservations, I gave up the family business to become a UBC (Urban Border Collie). I hope to distinguish myself in the modern arts of agility, frisbee, and receiver function analysis. My primary responsibility in the group is maintaining a database of the balls, rope toys, and frisbees that are so essential in our science today.

When I am not on duty, I am learning to do dog agility. Its fun. I get to run around jumping over stuff with that big guy. Well, he doesn't jump over things, he just tries to keep up and tell me which way he thinks I should go. Most of the time, I ignore him. Most trials, I win stuff like llamas and bunnies and hedgehogs!

Sometimes, I get to go to Montana. I like it there. I get to visit my cousin Ranger. And, they have this stuff called snow!

My newest friend is Yam. That big guy says he is a menace to society, but I like him. We hang out. I wish he could toss a ball.

Jake in Action

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